Manufacturer of ropes and rope accessories

Since 1825 Courant has been manufacturing rope in Angers, France. For almost 200 years this family run business has put the knowledge and expertise gained over generations, to good use serving its worldwide customer base.

Courant has always had its roots in the Anjou region which has a strong history in the growing and manufacturing of hemp ropes. Our original business was to make braids for fishing nets used in professional fishing.
In the 1950’s we diversified into the vertical and safety sectors when we collaborated with the French electricity company to improve the safety of operators working on high tension lines.

In the 60’s Marcel Courant made a historical decision for the company when we began using a synthetic material for the first time, this greatly increased the safety and durability of our ropes. From the beginning innovation has been in the DNA of our business.

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Manufacturer of rope and rope accessories

Our history

Since 1825, we have been doing our job with passion, based on human relations and progress.

Legacy and expertise

Courant is a family owned rope manufacturing business which has been passed down from generation to generation. Our knowledge and expertise has been acquired over almost 200 years.


We ensure the safety of men and women working at heights while developing our ecosystem in a reasoned manner. We have at heart to evolve while respecting our environment and the people. We don't talk but act and do.

The shared experience

We offer a unique experience to our users: equipment that is both technical and fun while combining modernity and expertise. Through our ambassadors we celebrate and highlight all the communities of the world in the field of verticality.

Innovation & Design